3 Lessons Learned:

The Fifteen Best and Amazing Things You Can Do in the European Country of Italy

One of the countries located in the continent of Europe is Italy, and the said country is actually surrounded by various island, and consists of a certain peninsula that can be delimited by the highest, largest and the most extensive mountain range system. The country of Italy is actually recognized as the fifth most popularly visited country in the whole wide world, for the said country is known for its tourist routes that are categorized as environmental and cultural. Italy is a country that is one of the most sought after destinations of the tourist, and visiting or having a vacation in the country of Italy is actually a once in a lifetime experience.

Italy has become very famous for it is the home of the most renowned and the most popular high-end brand, home of the most favorite food of the people which are spaghetti and pizza, and home of the stratovalcano named as Vesuvius. To ensure that your vacation in the country of Italy is worthwhile and memorable, then you must follow these various tips. The best things that you can do in the country of Italy include wandering the city of Venice during their carnival season, for it include grand performances, costume parade, and people wearing masks; walking into the Cinque Terre, which is place of five tiny villages and contains houses in bright colors; eating pizza in Naples, especially the Neapolitan pizza with regulated recipe, such as buffalo or cow milk mozzarella and tomatoes from specific places; doing a day trip in Pompeii and Vesuvius, which are recognized as must-see classics of the country of Italy and can be done with a bus service; discovering the valley of temples in Sicily, which is the largest archaeological site in the whole world; taking a boat ride on the most iconic lakes of the country which is the Lake Como; going and visiting the Uffizi gallery which is home to some of the most iconic and incredible artworks during the renaissance period and located in the heart of the city of Florence; taking up Italian classes in the elegant and smart city of Milan; going market shopping for foods, gifts, and clothes in the most popular La Lizza market in Siena; visiting the opera in Milan; taking a cooking class for pasta dishes in Rome; taking a grand and luxury tour in the county of Italy; catching the ferry from the wonderful village of Amalfi to Positano; tasting the country’s most finest wine; and visiting the Colosseum located in Rome. Creating or producing custom tours in Italy is also the best option if you want to be in control over your whole itinerary and it also provide the people with the ability to choose the places that they’ve dreamed to see and visit.