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Tips For Finding The Best Award Ribbon Colors
It is good for an organization, school, or any other organizer of the competitive event to properly award the winners, and the best awards to use are the ribbons. There are so many reasons why award ribbons are among the best and commonly given to employees, sportspeople, students and other people that win in different competitive events. The first reason why award ribbons are very great, especially to the workers in your company, is that they help to boost the status of your organization. The first reason why When your company’s status or visibility is increased, many customers get to know more about its brand, thus resulting in increased sales and overall profit margins. The other reason why award ribbons are very great according to this article is that they attract potential workers and customers to your business. When you award your workers with good and quality ribbons, they are greatly motivated to take pride in their tasks, hence resulting to a boost of the overall productivity and performance in your firm. Lastly, award ribbons boost the loyalty of your customers and employees, hence saving you the costs of recruiting new ones.
Most of the people find it challenging to choose award and ribbon colors for their unique needs and requirements, which is, therefore, the reason why in this article, I want to discuss some few things that can help you make a sound decision. The following is a discussion on traditional colors and customized colors for award ribbons that will help you easily make a sound decision. The first discussion is on traditional award ribbon colors to help the traditionalists understand the meaning of their events. A blue award ribbon is for the first place competitors. The blue ribbons are mainly attached to gold medals, which are given to the first place winners. Second place ribbons are other categories of traditional ward ribbons, which are red in color and are also attached to silver medals for the second place winners. The ribbon colors for the third-place winners are white in color, and these are also in the category of the traditional award ribbons. These are generally attached to bronze medals. There are also forth to tenth place winners who only receive the ribbons without the medals. The traditional ribbon award color you receive will be determined by your winning position.
The second category of the award ribbon colors are the customized non-traditional colors, and hence the need to go through this article for more details. The first color of customized non-traditional ribbons is red. The other ribbon color is yellow, which inspires hope and originality. For people who communicate well, socialize, and are always optimistic, orange ribbons are the best awards for them as they radiate energy, warmth, and emotional strength. Silver, white, gold, green, brown, and blue are other custom non-traditional ribbon colors you can learn more about.