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Are You Struggling to Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Your Partner? Consider Enrolling for Emotionally Focused Therapy

Falling in love and being loved in return is a beautiful experience. The first few months of dating are often problem-free. However, couples start battling challenges as time goes. Problems and misunderstandings are not reason enough to call off your relationship. Remember, no one person is perfect. So, it’d be pointless to leave your partner because you will still face challenges when dating someone else. What you should do is to address the problems you and your partner are facing. Whatever you do, do not think of having a sit-down with your partner, without a neutral party. Why? Because your chances of getting into a heated argument will be significantly higher. Consider trying out couple’s therapy. A lot of therapy approaches have come up. Emotionally focused therapy is best. Outlined below are reasons that justify the usefulness of this therapy approach.

When couples fight or face problems, they develop underlying emotions, and if not handled correctly, these emotions could make things worse. Emotionally focused therapy helps couples to understand their emotional responses and how to best with them. For instance, when you argue with your loved one, you will have underlying feelings of anger and contempt. When angered, most people lash out and even get physically and verbally abusive. Thus, making the situation worse than it was before. Through EFT, you and your partner will learn how to deal with your emotions. This way, you will be in a position to handle your problems without triggering unnecessary discord.

Most relationships fail because of blame games. How do you react when your partner pinpoints your weaknesses? Do you get mad or do you take time to think about what they’ve said? Unfortunately, most people get angry and defensive. EFT encourages self-reflection and evaluation. Couples are taught how to analyze their behaviors objectively. As such, they get a clear understanding of their weaknesses. Plus, how best to overcome them to avoid ruining their relationship.

According to experts, adults that were exposed to rejection and abuse as children are less likely to have healthy relationships. Tough childhoods create maladaptive emotions such as mistrust and fear. These emotions, in turn, hinder victims from establishing productive relationships. Were you a victim of child abuse, and you feel that it is taking a toll on your relationship? Well, EFT can help with this. This therapeutic approach helps couples to conquer maladaptive emotions. How? By replacing them with positive emotions. For example, if you are dealing with fear, your therapist will device means to replace it with boldness.

A healthy relationship can only be established through bonding. Spending time with your partner is a good way of bonding. However, it does not encourage emotional bonding. A lot of couples have a hard time building solid emotional bonds. Hence, most are unable to establish lasting relationships. EFT teaches couples how to establish strong emotional bonds by promoting healthy attachment.
Relationships are beautiful. You’ve invested a lot of time and emotions into your relationship. Thus, do not let a small problem break it. Look for a renowned EFT therapist to save your relationship and make it stronger.

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