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On Government’s Transparency

In Dante’s depiction of hell, it suggests that the most savage part of hell has always been reserved for people who can’t decide, people who don’t care, and for people who remained abstained for the rest of their lives, afraid of taking a stand or choosing aside to fight for. A philosopher has always claimed that indifference to the key issues in the world, one that does not tackle personal predicaments albeit focus on outward issues that revolve around the world is also a qualified reason for you to be called as conceited. When you cannot care more about the life you are part of more than yours, then you are true, a valid conceit.

One way to show that you give care and actually participates in many things which focus on and tackle the thing that has to do with life and the world, in general, is paying attention to your own government. Surely caring for the world is an exhausted endeavor and before you can even manage to reach a peak where you will be master and knowledgeable of things that are relevant in the world you need to be local – you need to focus on what is much smaller until you move your way up towards the global issues and topics of your concern.

Question of the day: how well do you know about your own government? Are you familiar with the leaders that have been elected and designated in your congress by the people and of the people? Do you even watch the news? In this high pace time and demanding lifestyle, how are you keeping up with things? If you do not, then you need to make the effort now and you need to do things and make sure that you pay attention and make sure you reach out and participate in the key discussion which leads to a fruitful outcome that benefits the country and you as well.

It does not matter who you are, what your status is, and kind of job you do, in discussions that revolve around your government’s activities and transparencies, you must be engaged and more than engaged, you must be involved. One way to keep up and make a contribution is listening, reading, and regularly following what is and what happens inside your administration. Corruption and transgression inside the government are rampant and common, one way to fight it and call it out is to actually follow suit.

Say you have been working hard all this time and you cannot keep up with everything. How are you going to keep up and where would you get you to get your resources and where would you begin? One way to establish your connection with what is happening in your country is by following reliable and substantial content in blogs and numerous sites, in which you can learn a lot of things. You do not need to be elaborate with your action, just by simply following substantial blogs that deal with the government’s issue could suffice.

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