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Understanding The Effect of Hard Water on Your Skin, Hair and Health
Water despite being very important in our lives is not fully appreciated. Every day, each person uses up about 80 to 100 gallons of water. With this in mind, you must make sure the water you use is the best. If you are living in well-developed areas, there’s a likelihood the water is not contaminated or hard however if you suspect you could be using hard water perhaps you should consider investing in a hard water softener. Not many people understand why hard water is said to be hard, but this article will discuss the negative impact of such water on a human’s general health, skin and hair.

Water is said to be hard because it has lots of hard minerals in particular magnesium and calcium. Dissolved solids such as manganese, strontium, zinc, iron, aluminum, barium are also responsible for causing hard water. For water to be considered hard it should have over 3.5 grains in each gallon. Here is why hard water is a problem. Cancers and in particular colon cancers are sometimes caused by the calcium and magnesium that is found in hard water. It also increases the risk of having cardiovascular diseases according to research carried out.

If your hair cleaning products mix with magnesium and calcium that is contained in hard water the result is salt that is left on your scalp or your hair. The moisture that is provided by hair conditioner cannot be absorbed by your scalp. The hair ends up breaking easily, dry, tangled and it also thins.

Your skin may become excessively dry and irritable because of the inability to rinse off after bathing with hard water. People who have eczema and psoriasis can have their conditions getting worse because hard water makes the skin excessively dry. Your skin can have pH imbalance since hard water seeps in the skin.

Your home’s appliances, plumbing fixtures can have residue build-up due to hard water. It causes the water to have a bad taste especially if appliances such as coffee makers have the build-up.

Hard water fades off-color on your clothing. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium which makes your beddings and clothes to be scratchy if they are washed with hard water. Hard water stains bathtubs and the human skin. It is not hard to clean your bathroom off the stains with these cleaning solutions. You will solve your hard water problems by buying a water softener.

Plumbing problems arise due to hard water in the steel pipes. Water flow in your home’s pipes are damaged due to mineral build-up. If hard water corrodes your pipes you will have no choice but to call your plumber.