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Factors to Consider When Buying a Crawler Crane

If you are a construction contractor specializing in one or multistory properties, then you understand your project will require a crawler crane. These machines are helpful in helping heavy materials and other equipment to the required places during the project, making work easier in the process. But due to the high demand and low production of new crawler cranes, it is likely a new one might cost an arm and leg. Nevertheless, you should look into a few things and qualities before buying a new crawler crane to ensure you are getting a good deal. Here are some of the factors to consider before buying a crawler crane.

Before you go shopping for a crawler crane, it is advisable you clearly define the reasons for which you need one. Understanding the need for the crane will help you define your objectives and help you in your decision making. Besides that, you should know the weight and size of the load you will be dealing with. Crawler cranes are often used to lift loads of different sizes and weights in construction sites, meaning there is no one size fit for all. Ensure the crane you are buying is of the required lifting capacity and comes with all the necessary rigging accessories like hooks and shackles among others.

Consider the type of crane you need; these machines are of different types and meant for different functions. Along with type, consider age, model, and the environment where you plan to use the crane. You can choose to be a new or used crane depending on the demands of your project while where you plan to use it contributes to its depreciation rate. When you are evaluating the age of a crane, try not to pick one that is very old because your staff may lack the skills to operate it. The availability of spare parts should also cross your mind before buying a crane; the spare parts should be readily available when needed.

Consider lift and horizontal distance before buying a crane; you will need a crane with appropriate boom length depending on how high the load needs to be lifted. It is possible all the cranes you will come across will have different height and horizontal boom lengths which is why you need to know what will work for you. The condition and terrain of the construction site will also have a bearing on the type of crane you buy. Understanding the weather conditions in your area will help you which equipment can help you achieve efficiency and objectives.

The location of the dealer and how the equipment will be transported is another factor to consider. For convenience purposes, you should look for a crane dealer close to your construction site so you can save on time and money. Once you have narrowed down on the best crawler crane for your project, ensure you have access to efficient means of transporting it. before you go shopping for a crawler crane, these are some of the things you should know.

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