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Incredible Tips to Cleaning Your Leather Sandals and Keep Them in Good Condition

As additions to the number of shoe pairs you have, sandals are very good in giving you incredible service as you move from one point to another. There are many types of leather sandals that are being produced these days with manufacturers indulging in the manufacture of these leather sandals and there are others that are handmade to suit the preference of customers. Leather sandals are incredible but the issue comes in when they are dirty and you need to clean them. There is the option of using detergents and other cleaning agents but these will not make them as clean as you would like them to be. In addition to this, there are various procedures and products that you need to use to get the perfect results when it comes to cleaning of leather sandals. Below are the ways in which you can successfully clean your leather sandals.

To begin, there is need to consider doing a dirt scrub first to get rid of the first layer of dirt. This is very effective when it comes to removing the top layer of dirt that makes the cleaning of leather sandals hard. Take a brush and scrub the outside of the leather sandals beginning with the straps then to the buckles and finish with the insole and side of the sole. In addition, there is need to consider doing the bottom of the leather sandal at the sole as this is also a hub for dirt. Next, take a soft dry cloth and polish the sandal to be able to remove dirt spot that might have escaped your sight.

Secondly, it is also imperative that you bring in a liquid cleaner after doing the dirt scrub to do the actual cleaning now with soap and water. Once you have done the initial cleaning is to add liquid soap to saddle soap and vinegar as you mix with water. Do not forget to wipe off the cleaner from the leather sandal and ensure that it is dry before you wear it again. After the whole process, consider waiting for the leather sandal to dry up and use a conditioner on the spots that have become tough to clean.

There is also the additional of cleaning the leather sandals that are treated with vinegar and water mix.

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