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All About Independent Medical Examination.

Injuries are happening all over the US every year with 31 million people estimated to have been injured. Two million of those affected will have to be seen by a doctor. Negligence can result to injuries and if you are in this situation you need to determine whether this is what happened to you. Ensure you get compensation if the accident was the mistake of someone else whether it was a personal injury, you slipped and fell or you were involved in a car accident. Nonetheless, you should be prepared for an independent medical examination to support your case. If you are wondering what an IME is them you should keep on reading to get the answers you are looking for. Rarely will an insurance company agree to pay the compensation you have asked for especially if it is high which is why they always dispute. However, an IME will give you a better fighting chance.

The IME will be completed by a doctor who has no stake in the case. This is in an effort to keep the reports accurate and objective. In this case, the agreement will ensure fairness when it comes to compensation. In case the insurance company feels like the amount you are asking is too much an IME can be ordered. Remember that you can talk to your lawyer about requesting for an IME as well and not necessarily the insurance company and this will be essential if you have doubts on whether the first doctor was thorough in examining the injury or if there was a misdiagnosis. Those who call for the IME also have the freedom to choose the doctor as well. Apart from the previous medical report, the doctor will also have a look at the other documents you have presented. The insurance company is free to present more questions they need the doctor to clarify so that they can get a good grip of the situation.

The doctor will have to confirm the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing and if the diagnosis that was made was indeed correct. Also, more treatment and testing requirements will be determined and if you are in a position to resume work. It is also the duty of the doctor to advise whether you have suffered permanent disabilities and the kind of accommodations that will be needed if you end up going back to work. The medical exam is done per the protocol. Consequently, the examining doctor will explore the injuries sustained and talk to you about the symptoms. More tests can be ordered including x-rays to get a better perspective of the injuries you have sustained.