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How Accidents with Semi-Trucks Differ From the Usual Auto Accidents
Trucking accidents are accidents with semi trucks, tractor-trailers, and 18-wheelers. That means that normal accidents are not the same as trucking accidents despite the fact that they involve vehicles. Trucks and every other vehicle that can be classified in this group weigh a lot more compared to passenger cars, are taller, and have higher ground clearance. The injuries that are incurred when there are accidents with semi-trucks involved are usually serious and in some cases fatal. So, do accidents with semi-trucks differ in any way from the normal accidents?
Accidents with semi-trucks are usually dealt with differently. Given the chance that any of the thousands of reasons could be the cause for the accident does not make this simple and straightforward. A normal usual auto accident is more often than not due to human error. An accident with semi-trucks may not be the sole responsibility of the driver and of course it shall implicate the trucking company.
Equipment failure is yet another major cause in trucking accidents even though it doesn’t absolve the driver of responsibility. A driver’s responsibility includes carrying out an inspection of the truck before every trip. This goes to show that the driver should be held accountable if equipment failure is found to be a cause of an accident. If the driver had check and report but the company declined to take action and this can be proved by a lawyer, then the company is liable. It is important to take as many photos as you can when a trucking accident happens as it proves later on if the driver erred or the equipment failed.
How the compensation works is also very different when it comes to accidents with semi trucks. It can be very hard to determine who the responsible party is right off the bat even though the law states that the victim should be placed back in their prior position by the responsible body. This is why there are so many law suits involving trucking companies after an accident, after all it is only fair that the victims get compensated for the medical bills, productivity and earnings that get lost after the accident.
Yet another thing that can cause accidents with semi-trucks is the issue of licensing and potential negligence. This applies when the driver does not have the proper requisites for the job. The driver ought to have the commercial driver’s licenses that come after attending the specialized training and education.
There is also the issue of the different injuries that result from the accidents with semi trucks. Usually the injuries are severe. This is why the insurance liability limits are much higher where trucks are involved than with normal vehicles as they will have to cop out a lot more compensation money.