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What Can You Draw out From an Author’s Blog?

To be fair, there are hundreds and even thousands of different blogs all over the world. A different website with different content and different purposes. There are blogposts solely dedicated to traveling memoirs and accounts. There are travel blogs that opt people to venture out while they provide amazing hack and tips to make one’s journey worth it. There are also blogs that are all about food and recipes. If you want to keep a healthy diet without suffering from a bland dish then you must follow these blogs that make content about it. You can sign up with a blog that tutors you or teaches you to make DIY and easy hack things for your home. There is indeed lot of stuff to figure out and learn just by reading somebody else’s blog.

One of the common blog types and quite most followed by people is an author’s blog. Say you have a favorite book, your way to connecting and addressing your unanswered questions about the story is through connecting to the author herself. You need to be sure that you will have the platform and way to connect to them, in this case, you let yourself prosper into a productive discussion of your newly found favorite book.

But what ca you truly draw out from an author’s blog? What can be extracted from it? What can you learn?

There are a couple of things to be learned and acquired when you follow an author’s blog and they are all beneficial. You see, the best way to make your reading interactive is to interact with the author herself. You can be given the opportunity to have a sneak peek into their thought process as they write their book, you can also understand the message or motivation of the book from the author’s vantage point. If you are the type of reader who digs into the story, if you are someone who wants to understand a book in a comprehensive pattern then following the author is one of the best ways to do it.

It is simple and easy you see. Another perk of following your author is engagement, bot with the author alone but with your fellow reader. if you seek social widening in your reading endeavor nothing is much fulfilling than making a connection with people of the same interest and mentality. You need to find someone who thinks alike like you do and make meaningful and interesting discussions with them. It is the best way to build a club and acquire new acquaintances.

There are other things to be discovered once you follow a certain author. Engagements and digging into the story are just the main ones, there are even more and it is unique and different from each author’s post and content. The only way to figure out is to start making the effort to follow like-minded people and start making the effort to connect with the author whose book you are currently digging into at the moment.

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