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Texas Driving Law That You Should Obey

If you plan to visit and drive in Texas, then it is important to know their driving laws before going there. If you want to be safe while driving, then make sure you know their laws. Here are some of the driving laws that you need to be aware of when you are driving in Texas.

Texas driving law is very strict when it comes to buckling your seat belt when you drive your car. This holds true for everyone who is in the car whether you are the driver or a passenger. If a police officer sees you violating this law, then you will be charged fines. Click it or Ticket law in Texas is put in place to provide safety for car passengers and driver so that when a car crash happens, you will have a higher chance of survival.

Using your cell phone while driving is strictly prohibited by Texas driving law. Distracted driving occurs when a driver uses the cell phone to call, text or read mail while driving.

You will be charged fines when caught using a phone while driving. If because of your distracted driving, a car accident occurs and people get injured or die, then you face greater penalties and jail time.

IF you are driving in Texas for the first time, then you should know about the flashing yellow arrow. This means that you have to yield to oncoming traffic before you make a left turn. Drivers tend to turn left when the light is almost turning yellow without realizing that the oncoming traffic light is still green. This is how car accidents happen. Make sure to yield to oncoming traffic if you see a flashing yellow arrow.

You should also consider not to drive when intoxicated. With DWI violations, large fines will be imposed on your. Getting caught with a DWI violation will be charged with a fine, a suspended license, and time in jail. if you are a second time offender, you chares will be higher and for third time offenders so can be put in jail for 10 years. If you are arrested for DWI, then the best thing you can do is to hire a DWI attorney.

There are many red-light cameras all over the place in Texas so even if there are no police officers, traffic violations are still captured. Violations of traffic rules are caught by camera ad the car owner will receive a ticket in the mail.

If you get caught without a driver’s license then you will be fined.

There are speed limits to observe for safety driving. If you violate the speed limits, then you can get fined.

Headlights should be turned on when you drive at night. This makes driving easier and the road safer for you and others.

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