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How to Deal with a Slab Leak

No one wants to deal with plumbing problems. Those tend to get out of hand and cost you more than you imagine. An example is a slab leak. If the design allowed for pipes or water supply lines to pass through it, then a leak would mean a big problem.
Water damage due to a slab leak can be profound and costly. It is important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. You need to read more here about how to know if it occurred, and what to do about it.
A slab leak occurs mostly because of excess pressure in the pipes or water lines that pass through the foundation. It comes about when there is shifting soil or construction defects. There is also pipe corrosion. It is common in older homes where copper piping was the norm. The pipe also faces friction from the surrounding rocks, getting damaged over time.
You need to know how to accurately detect a slab leak. You will know it is the case when you hear the sound of running water, when there is no open faucet or another water point. Another way is when you see wet and warm areas on the floor. The smell of mildew is another sign. You will also see cracks in the foundation. Those can grow into cracks in the walls and ceiling.
You need to call in the experts once you detect it. You need first to know where there is the leak, much as finding a leak can be hard. The professionals normally come with listening equipment to make for easier identification. They will then access that point. The process involves removing the flooring to get to the slab, where they apply a jackhammer to make a hole. Once they locate it, they can thus determine the best way to fix it.
If the leaks are extensive and plenty, you need to move on with a replacement. You see this happening when it is an old house with the original system. It is a project best left to the professionals.
A minor leak can be fixed when they use epoxy for restoration. An epoxy lining makes for a more resilient pipe. You can also go for pipe rerouting. It helps avoid having to cut through the slab. You thus ensure the foundation is intact when you redirect all pipes going into it too now pass in an external network.
Those who cut through the foundation normally leave it open for a few days, to be certain there is no other leak, before filing and flooring afresh.
With these tips, fixing a slab leak is assured. Get it done as soon as possible and by professionals. You can visit this site to discover more ways of taking care of the house.