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The Benefits of Joining a Christian Church

In this world where everything has been modernized, many people tend to forget about their main role – to give honor and glory to God. People are so busy doing their daily routine and worshiping God is longer part of it. With many people who are gone astray from God’s will, Christian churches are striving hard to bring back God’s sheep to the fold.

There are already many Christian churches around the globe. From your city or town, there is sure a number that you can see. However, these churches seem to be ineffective because many are afraid to visit them. Many think that they are just a waste of time. The real problem is not because there are already many Christians, but people don’t want to get rid of their old ways. They can’t dare stop the bad doings that made them feel good. But the happiness they feel now is just for a moment.

If you are still in doubt to visit a Christian Church, then this article is right for you. Below are the different benefits that you can surely enjoy and cherish when you start to visit and participate in a church. Take the time to read them below.

– You Get Closer to God. When you join a Christian church, you will be hearing God’s words through the preaching of the Bible. The Bible is the only book that contains many other books. The pastor of the church uses the Bible to prepare the message given by God. Most churches hold services twice or thrice a week. They may have a schedule of service during Wednesday evening, Sunday morning and afternoon. Depending on your availability, it is sure worth your time sitting on their pews and listening to God’s words.

– You Get to Know Other Christians. Christians are people who do service for the Lord. These people have a responsibility in their churches like feeding, telling Bible stories to children, singing for the Lord, or doing other services in the church. The good thing with meeting and talking with these people is that they are filled with God’s Spirit. This would simply mean that they have a better perspective on life. So when you feel down, they can be the best people to share your burden and talk to. They may be the best people who can give you advice on what to do. You can be sure that what they want you to do is to follow God’s will.

– You Have a Prayer Buddy. When you go to church and start hearing God’s words and meeting other Christians, you have good people to pray for you. Another benefit, if you start to visit Christian churches, is that they will love to know what is happening with you. They ask not to push you down, but to pray for you. You can have someone who can be your partner in prayer. It could one person or a group who prays for each other. Knowing that there are people who pray for you, your spirit will surely be uplifted and the more you feel God’s presence in you.

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