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Post-Construction Cleaning Services

If you are building a new home, apartment, or commercial building, you may be wondering what post construction cleaning services would cost. Post-construction refers to the process of removing old building materials from your property before starting any new construction work. The average cost for a total touch up clean is about $0.20 per square footage. This job typically only requires being done once per building per year. Other Post-Construction Services Some other common post construction services include foundation and floor inspection, curb appeal, painting, roofing and flooring, edging, landscaping, fencing and deck repair, removal of asbestos, drainage problems, snow removal and ice removal, and many others. Cost varies from company to company and is based on the size and scope of the project, as well as what kinds of materials are used.

In some cases, a renovation involves completely removing the old structure, and beginning with new construction. In this case, it would be impossible to perform a standard dust cleaning because the renovation would most likely include new construction dust. There are companies that specialize in post construction cleaning services that can perform standard cleaners for this type of renovation. They will also have a special vacuum cleaner designed for this purpose. You may also need specialized cleaners for asbestos because some renovation contractors have been exposed to asbestos during the construction of the renovation.

When you begin to hire professional cleaners for dust and debris removal, make sure you let them know what kind of renovation you have going on, and where it is located. Most companies will have their own trucks to remove your debris and dust, but you should also let them know where the demolition, rebuilding, or remodeling is occurring. If your project requires the removal of debris that is highly flammable or toxic, you should also let the professional cleaners know this before the work begins. Any kind of flammable material should never be moved during the cleanup process, no matter how small the debris is.

Most people dread the idea of calling in the maids when they are doing a home renovation or building a new home. However, this does not have to be the case. In many cases, hiring post construction cleaning services to come in and do a thorough cleaning will be more cost effective than hiring maids to come in and do random housework. When there is a heavy buildup of debris and dust in a home, the overall quality of the home is affected. The homeowners are paying the maids to do dishes, laundry, clean the bathroom, and do other chores, so they want to make sure the entire home is free of debris and dust before they pay them.

There are other benefits to hiring post construction cleaning services, as well. There may be areas of the home that have not been touched up because the homeowners are busy touching up various rooms that are not done with the paint or wallpaper. There may also be some neglected portions of the house that need to be thoroughly scrubbed down, and the professionals can help with touch-up clean-ups of these sections.

There is another benefit, too, that many people overlook. Many homeowners do not realize that the value of their homes rises whenever they have a good post construction cleaning services handy. One benefit of a property’s value rises when there is no debris on the floor. When there is a layer of debris on the floor, it can cause mold and other microbial growth. This not only causes a rise in the cost of heating and cooling the house, but also in taxes. When a homeowner has to continually buy new air-conditioning units and carpet, the value of their home will continue to rise as long as they keep the house free of mold and microbes.

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