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The Recipe To Follow When Making Greek Home-Made Yoghurt

Yoghurt is essentially a sweet snack produced by fermenting milk bacteria. It is enjoyed by many individuals worldwide in various flavors. The reasons that would cause you to want to make yoghurt at home are numerous. You could be looking to have yoghurt that has not gone through the industry processing with additives or additionally just needs to make your yoghurt. All you need is a piece of old cloth, milk and two tablespoons of live culture yoghurt. You must also have a fridge and oven to efficiently make this kind of yoghurt. As soon as you have assembled all these necessities, follow the steps below.

You need to first pasteurize your milk. This means boiling your milk on a saucepan. The entire process usually takes around three minutes if you are boiling over high heat. As soon as it has fully boiled, switch off your heating element and place a lid on top. You may want to add powdered milk now or later but regardless, once you have covered your milk you need to allow it to cool.

After cooling your milk to about 115 degrees, you can now add your live culture yoghurt. It is necessary to know that you do not need a thermometer to measure how hot the milk is. You can also decide to use your hands to find out how hot it is. When you touch the outside of your pan, you should be able to have your palms rest there for about ten seconds so you can certify that it is ready. Once you have added your teaspoons of live culture yoghurt, whisk your mixture and then place it in a warmed oven. The light in the oven will essentially keep the yoghurt above the required warmth level. You need to then allow it to rest for around 4 to 12 hours.

The next step is to strain your yoghurt. Here, the piece of cloth mentioned earlier comes into play. Get a bowl and place the piece of cloth on top of it securing it with a rubber band all around. This then makes a strainer. Spill in the bowl your rested yoghurt and let it strain slowly in your refrigerator. Allow it to rest for a few hours. Usually, the thickness of the yoghurt is determined by how long you let it drain. Once you have let it drain for a substantial amount of time, remove the rubber band and store the contents of your bowl in a container until when you are ready to drink it.

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