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Understanding more on Faith, Hope And Love

Each person on this earth must have come to a point where they have asked themselves what the purpose of life is. This question can be answered by your own self by being responsible in each thing that they do and responding to each situation positively

In this life, most of us were not even planned to exist by our parents. Hats the reason it is seen that many children are mistreated and abused by their parents. They lack their parent’s love and care hence they even lack hope of their existence. We should all know that god is the one who planned for our existence and he will make it known our purpose of existence.

Human behavioural activities are torqued by their emotions. Some people are fed up with their own lives since nothing they want to do works out for them. they fixed in their own mind that they are meant to be failures , such people are known to have lost all hope I themselves .They end up to abandoned the things that they were talented in and very passionate in doing and let life to control them instead of controlling it . That have also reached the point of having self-hatred and don’t even take care of themselves. They don’t associate with others since they can’t love others if they lack love for themselves this affects them seriously even their own family members lack a way of helping them. This affects their whole general being physically and physiologically.

Such life events can cause depression, some of them which are unpleasant leading them to live with pain which eats them up to depression. One of the things such a person needs is faith which helps one look positively and help them achieve what they want in their life, In addition, faith is well practiced through the actions one does.

Also they need hope and most important of them all is love. When one has hope he or she knows something good is going to come out of each situation whether it is bad or good. When one has both faith and hope love is the unifying factor of them both and it the greater of them both.

We should not at any point in life lack any of these traits of faith, hope and love. Most importantly when we have a trait such as love for ourselves we can love others and loving others will promote unity and peace between people

With such traits, one avoids many negative things in life. One of them is drugs which ruin a person’s life. When the traits one has is able to know the purpose of life and he or she can’t go to drugs to look for solutions .All that drugs do is make one addicted to it and take control of their own lives

In conclusion to realize the purpose of life is having the three traits which will help you to archive the best of what you desire, and unlock your whole potential in general, make objectives you want to archive and work toward them and be positive in any outcome. Let faith hope and love steer your life to success

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