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Why you Need to Take Up Kayaking

Kayaking is an outdoor activity that offers so many thrills as an adventure. It also comes with so many health benefits for your body and mind. Engaging in this activity is sure to leave you much better than you were before. You should get into the habit of kayaking, looking for new rivers whenever and wherever you can, to enjoy some fun sessions out there. As a form of exercise, it is low impact, with exceptional benefits for your body.

You may need to get some training before you start kayaking on your own out there. But once you master the basics, it will not be a tough exercise to take on. Here are some of the benefits you will expose yourself to.

Kayaking can help you lose excess weight. It is an intense physical activity that gives you so much fun, you will not feel like you are straining. Some people have difficulty keeping up with the demands of gym sessions, due to the singular focus and repetitive nature. Kayaking takes you out there, your mind focused on nature and the thrills of it, you forget you are working out.

It is a good stress reliever. You get to spend so much time outdoors, something that always lifts your spirits and helps you reflect on your life. Kayaking is an antidote to all the time you spend at your desk or indoors focused on some intense mental activity, or worrying about something in your life.

It also helps to improve your mental health overall. There is stress reduction, as well as the ripple effect of engaging in intense physical activities out there. That aerobic workout helps release certain chemicals in your brain, which leave you feeling accomplished, fulfilled, and happy. You get to clear the mind of all negative thoughts, leaving room only for positive vibes.

It also gives you a chance to socialize. There will be other kayaking enthusiasts when you get to the river. You can easily make friends through the shared common interest. Such socializing adds to the positive impact of the sport and hobby in your life.

Kayaking is also good for your heart. The aerobic portion of the exercise helps improve your heart health. You cannot expect a healthy heart if you do not exercise it. By subjecting it to such an intense workout helps keep it ticking along smoothly.

There is also the toning of your legs. As much as your upper body does most of the movements, there is a special role played by your legs. They help secure you in the kayak when you apply pressure inside the vessel. You also need your legs working to keep you balanced and enable you to maneuver through the water.

There is also the impact on your core. You get a core muscles workout through kayaking. Your core muscles keep your body upright. You, therefore, need them firing when you are sat in the kayak, turning your chest from one side to the other as you paddle, and when you turn the kayak in different directions. From the sitting position, all your movements have an element of working your core muscles one way or another. You, therefore, get to do crunches, oblique exercises, and so many others.

You, therefore, need to get out there, feel the sun on your face, meet other people kayaking, and enjoy yourself.

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