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Clocks and Clock Repair

People have clocks that are intrinsic parts of their lives. There are wall clocks, mantel clocks, grandmother, grandfather, granddaughter, and longcase clocks. Anniversary clocks are also referred sometimes as torsion or 400 day clocks. There are also the bracket clocks and carriage clocks. The clocks are divided further by the source of power. Mechanical clocks are powered by a weight, a main spring, battery or electricity. you can also find water clocks out there.

A lot of clocks need a total overhaul in order to deal with the wear in the mechanism, re-polish wheel pivots, and fit new mainsprings or other important parts.

There are also a lot of clocks that are also clocks that are over 100 years old and would usually need a lot of repair work to the mechanism and case in order to restore them to their original form.

There are also some myths that evolved along with the clock mechanisms. The most common belief is that the owner has over wound the mechanism. This is usually a result of wear and dirt that causes all of the important power to be lost from the going barrel via the set of wheels to the escapement.

It only needs a short time in the past that a lot of towns from all over the country had a lot of clock makers and repairers that help owners to check their clocks. There are also some cities that would have more clock makers and clock repairers that will provide the needs of many clock owners. Today, there are reliable clock repairers that are very hard to find. Most of the time, repairers have already retired and are only focusing on their current clientele. Antique dealers and local jewelers usually send their clocks away in order to be repaired.

But there are actually a lot of things that you can do in order to find a clock repairer. First of all, you should ask your friends or workmates if they know a reliable clock repairer. You can also visit a clock repair shop in order to see the workshop and existing clocks that are repaired in the shop. You also need to ask many questions as well. Take note that a reliable repair shop will provide you with a lot of time and explain the things that need to be done to your clock. You also need to know how long the clock repairing shop has been in business. It is also important to make sure if your clock will be insured during the repair. You also need to look for a clock repair shop that can provide you a guarantee.

Take note that there must be no charge for the estimate. Most of the time, clock shops will charge for carrying out the estimates so you need to pay the result of the repair. You should never be pressured to accept the estimate. You also need to take note that a reliable clock repair shop will ask for a few weeks or months of back log so you should wait a while for your clock to be returned.

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