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Importance Of Iconography

Iconography is a branch of art that is used to interpret or illustrate visual images and symbols. Iconography was invented in early 1920 by Viennese philosopher Otto Neurath. After his death, his wife took over who founded the isotope institution. The institutions were comprised of designers who created many graphic languages that could be interpreted by the universe.

Iconography carries a deeper meaning of things and through the icons, these meanings can be easily understood. They are not just paintings they convey a lot of information within them. Individuals who study iconography are called iconographers. These individuals have studied art and done deep research so that they can be able to bring out the commands and the concepts that to be delivered.
It is important for individuals who want to do iconography to consider various factors before choosing a school so that they can do the studies. This is so that you can be able to choose a school that focuses on art and that will enhance your ability when it comes to iconography. You can consider a school that has graduated known iconographers and also our schools that are known for good reputation when it comes to iconography.

Examples of iconography include the Virgin Mary icon Christ icon representing the Kingdom of Heaven the Theotokos, and many others. Iconography is very important because of various reasons. The symbols are irrelevant to the people that to be communicated to because they convey a certain image and information in their minds.

The following are the of iconography.

Icons are very important because they help individuals to understand whatever is being communicated in a better way. Visual images are louder than words and therefore individuals who cannot understand writings can be able to get a more understanding way of the concept being talked about. For example when you see an icon of Christ Christians will associate themselves with it and recognize that it is him who died for them and therefore they need to worship him.

Another importance of iconography is that it portrays a movement. Different individuals will use icons to represent the different kinds of genres they are into. For example religious iconography film iconography and many others.

Iconography is paintings and therefore they can be used as decorations to be able to make an environment appealing and beautiful. You can, therefore, put icons at your home or wherever you are to enhance the appearance of the environment.

Icons also show a certain history of certain people. For example for a country, there were the forefathers that brought the country into a certain position. You will be able to understand the history of your country when you have visual images of these forefathers.

When purchasing icons it is important that you consider the quality. This will assure you of their durability. You can consider a person who does icons on cabinet quality birch plywood original glue painting panels. It is also important that you consider the cost of the icons. You can balance the quality and the costs that you can be able to get the value of what you are purchasing.

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