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Services Offered at Hamilton Little Friends School

It is the dream of every parent to take their child to a good school where they can receive a quality education and create a foundation for their future. If you are a parent and in need of such a place, you need to consider Little Friends School that is one of Hamilton’s private schools. The institution was established in 1981 in New Jersey. Its owners and directors have the relevant experience in the administration and management of child care centers. Most of them have worked as board members in such institutions. There are multiple reasons why Little Friends School is the place where your child needs to study.

Little Friends School offers programs for children of different ages. For example, it provides opportunities for toddlers between the age of eighteen months and one and a half years. The administration understands that children who are this young need to have a conducive environment that enables them to develop their sensory and cognitive structures. It should also stimulate their motor and social development. One major advantage of this learning institution is that it hires teachers who understand the toddlers and provide positive reinforcement to help the students become confident in their abilities. The toddler program that is offered at Little Friends School focuses on the uniqueness of each child and encourages them to engage in activities that teach them basic concepts through practice.

Little Friends School offers a preschool program for children between three to four years. The curriculum areas at this level are almost similar to those at the previous stage. However, the effort is mainly concentrated on the development of more complex areas, such as learning of shapes, sizes, and pre-math concepts. The children that join preschool love to explore the world, learn about themselves and everyone else around them through interaction. The teachers hence allow them to manipulate different objects and go through books and explore new ideas.

The kindergarten level fosters the children’s need for learning, independence, well-being, and creativity. It is eligible for all students above five years old. Little Friends School provides a student-centered atmosphere that addresses the interest of each child and enables them to achieve their potential. The institution encourages tutors to implement different learning styles to ensure that all the students explore, learn, and understand concepts in spite of their uniqueness.

It is evident that Little Friends School is the best place for every student that needs to develop themselves in all life aspects. The institution provides different activities that not only encourage but also challenge the children. These daily activities also instill students with skills that will help them in the future. For example, children at the preschool level tell stories, do music, and outside play in small and large groups. Field trips are part of the kindergarten and preschool career. The best thing is that the school offers all these education and child care services at an affordable price. Parents who have any inquiries or want their children to enroll in any of the above programs are encouraged to contact Little Friends School through their email, website, or telephone number.

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