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What You Need to Know If You Are Suffering From Heart Burns

You are here since you want to learn more about heartburn. A recent research has indicated that more than 60 million US residents experience heartburn at least once in a month and 15 million will experience on a daily basis. In case you are part of the statistics, you may be wondering what would be wrong with you and how you can be able to get over it. Keep reading, we will tell you what heartburn is and some of the signs that show that you are having a serious condition that requires treatment.

What exactly is heartburn? For heartburn, it comes whenever you have problems with stomach discomforts that will make you experience a burning feeling that comes all the way up to your throat. Immediately after eating, you need to relax otherwise, you may experience heartburn whenever you sleep or engage in other activities. It is a normal effect and it can occur on anyone from one time to another. Most of the times, heartburns will be caused by acid reflux.

More than normal heartburn will suggest that you are suffering from a situation called GERD. There are different lifestyle factors that have been identified to play a great role and have been associated with GERD. How do you actually know that you are suffering from GERD?

In case you have a problem controlling heartburn, you may be having GERD. If you actually need to take note and determine if for sure you need to ensure that you note very well times that you experience heartburn on the calendar as this can help you in making the best decision. The pattern can be analyzed and help you know if you are going to get proper GERD treatment or you can handle it naturally.

If you have been experiencing chest pains, on the other hand, is another important thing that you need to be worried of. Before you actually jump in this, it would be important that you get to rule out some of the heart conditions that would result to pains on the chest for instance pneumonia, anxiety, angina and cardiovascular among others. You can even plan for an appointment with you doctor so that you can be guided and proper procedures are done so that you know if this is the time that you need to get started with GERD treatment.

Having you been experiencing problems with swallowing also called dysphagia, this is another symptom of GERD. If you also realize that you are having a bad breath, there are high chances that you could be suffering from GERD, the bacteria accumulate on the throat.