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Understanding Fire Door Maintenance

Doors are important in all types of buildings. Doors provide a passage into a building. They also act like security because you are able to lock your valuable doors and prevent intruders from trespassing. There are different kinds of doors depending on how they are operated, and their materials. You can find metal or wood doors, among other materials that are suitable in the making of doors. You can also find doors that are operated manually and those that are opened automatically. Automatic doors utilize modern technology and you can find ones that open through face recognition, fingerprint recognition, password, card sensors, among other door technological developments. Below are vital aspects of fire doors and their maintenance.

Fire doors are doors that have a fire-resistance rating. These doors are used as fire protection systems and their work is to make sure that there no fire or smoke spreading between compartments. It also ensures that there is safe egress. They can be found on a building, a ship, among other structures. Fire is made from different materials that can be combined and used at the same time. the materials that can be used include GI, vermiculite boards, aluminum, steel, timber, glass, gypsum, among others that can be used. It is vital that fire doors are made with the right resistant fittings that meet fire regulatory standards. You should also be aware of the fact that different nations have different regulation regarding the installation of fire doors on buildings.

Risk management is vital for all buildings, whether they are residential or commercial. One of the ways to manage risks is to make sure that the fire door on your building is in good condition. Fire doors need regular maintenance so that they will work effectively in case a fire breaks out in the building. If an issue is discovered on the fire door, it should be repaired immediately using the right fire-rated items that are compatible with the existing fire doors regulations. You can be able to get fire door components that are allowed by fire certificate and door schedule. If you are not of the kind of materials required for fire door installation in your building, you should read the Fire Certificate data-sheet since it has outlined the specifications properly. The fire door manufacturer also understands fire door regulations. You should, therefore, contact them as well so that you know the right fire door components to purchase when repairing the door. You should be aware of the fact that your fire door certification can be invalidated if the fire door components you use do not meet the set standards.

The frequency of inspecting your fire door is vital. Doors that are used frequently because many people use the building should be checked often, on a weekly basis because they are easily damaged. You can use a maintenance checklist to ensure that all parts of the fire door are working effectively. You should remember that a fire door is a piece of lifesaving equipment and it should be maintained regularly to ensure that its performance is not altered.

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