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Signs of the Second Coming and Imminent Return of Jesus

One of the signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ that were prophesized include earthquakes and other natural catastrophes. It was prophesized that lightning from the clouds will cause the mountains to burn. The volcanic eruptions will happen and molten lava will flow from the mountain and burn everything downhill. It was also prophesized that earthquakes will cause great destruction in those days and the great destruction of humanity will be experienced. But the holy bible states that God will protect the righteous. All these signs are being experienced around the world such as earthquakes and other natural disasters. The tsunami, flooding, hurricanes, landslide and other natural catastrophes being experienced in different parts of the world.

Another sign of the second coming of Jesus Christ that was prophesized and is being experienced is war, violence, and lawlessness. It is stated that during those days, the nation will rise against nations. People will fight among themselves and there will be tribal clashes and all sorts of lawlessness. Tolerance and humanity will depart from the hearts of human and there shall be bloodshed everywhere. The crime rate will greatly increase as people will be struggling to survive.

Disease epidemics are also listed as the signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ. The bile states that incurable and strange diseases will eat the world. Some of the diseases we are experiences today were prophesized. Today the list of incurable and strange diseases is endless for example Ebola, AIDs, Cancer and so on. The diseases will cause great tribulations to the earth dwellers. Many will wish to be swallowed alive by the earth because they will be in great pain.

The rise of great false religious leaders is another sign that the bible has highlighted that indicates the second coming of Jesus Christ. There will be many false prophets who will use dark powers to heal disease and perform different miracles. Many people will be misled by these false prophets because many of them will lack knowledge. The bible then warns the people to be vigilant and watch out not to be carried away by the miracles performed by false prophets.

During those days, faith will become a matter of life and death. It is stated in the bible that many Christians will be persecuted for preaching the gospel of God. Those who will be preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ will be killed in the broad daylight in order to bring confusion and inflict fear in Christians. This will be a strategy to discourage people from turning to the true gospel and follow Jesus Christ.

Another sign of the coming of Jesus Christ is famine and drought. It was prophesized that during those days, there will be great famine due to the lack of enough rain. As a result of great famine and drought, numerous wildfire will be experienced. There will be great destruction of vegetation and wild animals which will lead to an imbalance in the natural hydrological cycle. Due to the lack of rain, there will be great famine and people will die of hunger and diseases. There will be a change in climatic patterns that will cause havoc among nations.

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