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How Digital Technology Is Solving Issues in The Agriculture

About 30 percent of the world population relies on agriculture to make a living. The growth of agriculture is very essential as it is reducing poverty in society. Today technology has changed everything including agriculture. Each year there are many innovations that are meant to make agriculture more effective. Today technology has to apply to make a hectare of land more productive than ever.

Different countries around the world are setting aside funds exclusively to consult agricultural research. The knowledge that is obtained is then shared with the developing countries. This means that agriculture is revolutionizing everywhere around the world. The agricultural research that is being done is now opening door to very new possibilities that will benefit the farmers.

With the agricultural technologies, a farmer is able to effectively manage risks that may arise in the farming business. He/she is also able to overcome various uncertainty that is unforeseeable in the farming business. For example, a farmer can know when they will be bad weather and thus take safety measures. A farmer can effectively manage any kind of disease that arises.

New applications that are compatible with a phone and a computer have been devices to deal with many challenges that farmers are facing. The digital apps have been proven to increase the productivity of that a farmer has. There are many applications that assist farmers to manage the revenue that they collect from their farms. The apps are also effective in the management of the crops.

There are mobile apps that have been developed to help a farmer to effectively deal with the crop pests. The apps can help the farmer to identify the disease that their crops may have. All they need to do is to take a picture of the apps that will identify the disease. After that, the farmer will be provided with a solution to easily deal with the problem.

On the mobile platform, a different financial business can register farmers. The farmer can easily get paid for their produce in the comfort of their homes. They will be provided with a digital receipt that will be sent directly into their phones. The technology has made it easy for the farmer to get a loan from their phone. All the farmers require is to register their farm and the lender will determine the amount of money to be advanced.

Digital technology opens an untapped potential for the farmers. Technology will be essential in solving the problem of every growing population. The government must be ready to research on how the big population will be satisfied with food production. The private sector has also a role that they have to play. There are many private organizations that have been formed to address various challenges that are facing agriculture. Online forums have also been devised to articulate various issues that the farmers are facing. BC Liberal rally, for instance, has been held to address the various issues that affect farmers after the passing of the new agricultural laws.

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