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Getting to Know the Different Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Protection from fire is important in every structure. This is the reason why fire protection is present in both residential and commercial properties. One of the systems commonly used in commercial spaces is the fire sprinkler system. This is effective in suppressing fire which will help minimize the damage that it will cause. And once you are looking into commercial fire sprinkler systems then it is you that can find a lot of different options. If you are planning to install one in your establishment, it can help once you can distinguish the various types. This will help you choose the right one for you.

One of the types of commercial sprinkler systems available in the market is the wet pipe sprinkler system. This is the go-to of many commercial establishments and that is why they are also very popular. One of the reasons withy many choose this one is due to the simplicity and reliability that it has. A sprinkler system will have presets when it comes to temperature. Once it reaches above the desired level then that will allow the water to flow. Another great thing about this type of sprinkler system is that they are also cheap compared to any other sprinkler system. They are also very easy and cheap to maintain.

Another type is the dry type system. They operate the same with the wet type but this system will have air on part of its lone. Once the temperature will reach above the preset then that is when the sprinkler will be activated. The air will be expelled followed by water. The purpose of the air is to lower the risk of the line rupturing due to freezing water. The delay that is caused by this process makes this system less reliable when extinguishing the fire. Another disadvantage of this system is that the maintenance and insulation cost will be higher compared to that of the wet-type sprinkler system.

If you are concern about a fire spreading quickly then a deluge system is what you should be going for. A deluge fire sprinkler will be spraying water from all of the sprinkler heads in a simultaneous manner compared to other systems that fire one sprinkler head at a time.

You can also choose to have a pre-action system. This can be a combination of wet, dry, and deluge system. What is great about this system is that it can send a trouble alarm once issues will occur without the need to activate the sprinkler heads. This will serve as a system check and will ensure that sprinklers will not activate right away in case of false alarms.

If you are dealing with hazardous or flammable materials then it would be best to choose foam water and water spray system. This is also effective once you have expensive and sensitive equipment around. This gives out a combination of foam and water to help control the fire. You need to understand though that this type of system should be combined with other sprinkler systems since it might be insufficient in controlling larger fires.

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