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The Causes of Shower Mold Growth

When you step into the bathroom after a long day at work to enjoy a hot shower, you can immediately be disgusted and frustrated by the presence of icky mold in your shower not knowing whwhat to do You have to take action against the mold in your bathroom even though it is a problem experienced by about half the number of homes in the country. In this article you will learn what mold is, how it got to your shower and whwhat to doo fix the problem as soon as possible.

Mold is a fungus that grows both indoors and outdoors and has an important role in the environment, but this immediately changes once it creeps into your house; it becomes dangerous. Mold becomes dangerous in your house because of various reasons which include being an eyesore and other health risks. You will majorly see mold in your shower compared to other rooms in your home because the shower possesses the ideal condition for their growth; dark and damp.

To take action against the mold in your shower you must first know how to spot it and it shows in different ways like old musty smells, when you start experiencing new allergies or black moldy spots and clusters on the ceiling of your shower. To know whwhat to dobout the mold in your shower, you must understand they are all of different types even though they might seem similar, each with its own unique name but all of them still pose health hazards to you.

Mold thrives in your bathroom because it requires dark and damp conditions to grow which is majorly present in your bathroom, while they also love the grout and wall tiles used in your bathroom. Pneumonia, shortness of breath and skin and eye irritation are some of the health risks you expose yourself to the longer you continue living with mold in your bathroom not knowing what to do about it. Because of these healthy risks, mold removal is very important.

The good thing is you can attack and remove the mold growing in your bathroom with common household items, majorly a mixture of bleach and water and an old toothbrush for cleaning some hard to reach parts. Since mold thrive in dark and damp places like your bathroom, increasing airflow will reduce the level of condensation in your bathroom; your shower will be dry and thus you avoid the hassle of removing the mold once they grow. Use these tips to identify and remove mold in your bathroom.