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Ten Important Metals for Our Future

Metals are so important to our lives are you are sure to find them everywhere you go but apart from our personal lives, metals are important in keeping us safe with the department of defense known to use up to three-quarters of a million tons of metals annually. We live in a society where we depend on technology to do almost everything and whenever we are using the technology we are utilizing metals because these technology metals give us electricity, electronics, and batteries we need for different things. If you want to learn more about the ten metals that our future relies on, view here.

Copper is the first metal that the future of our society depends on because it is used to generate electricity and can be found in literally all the electronic appliances you own including your cell phone. Copper is a versatile metal that can be used for different things because of its corrosion-resistant nature, including mixing with other metals to make military body armor. Lead is used for soldering different appliance parts together, making car batteries and making ammunition because of its low melting point, all these functions mean we cannot do without lead now or in future.

Gold is an important metal that has several uses which if you view here you will know although it is widely used as an alloy. Gold has the ability to reflect away harmful rays, the reason it is used on the outside of aircrafts and astronaut’s visors, however, you can view here to learn other uses of gold. Zinc is used in manufacturing products that we use daily like soaps but in addition to this, it is the reason you have a car, truck, ship or an airplane because it ensures the metals used to manufacture these things do not corrode.

Almost every one of us uses aluminum in at least once daily because this metal seems to be present in everything from cooking pots to cars, trains and planes. Although used in small quantities, you can view here to understand why manganese has an irreplaceable position in the steel production industry when it only makes up one percent of the steel. The society cannot do without platinum because of its ability to speed up various chemical reactions; it is a catalyst.

Nickel metal is used in stainless steel which is one of its common uses coupled with its alloys that are used in jet engines among others. The uses of silver range from medical to industrial and they are so vital that we cannot do without making it one of the most important metals. The importance of these metals to the society now and in the future cannot be understated in any way because of their various uses.